Recycling and research:  this is the only way to develop low cost and eco-sustainable packaging solutions.


At Roboplast we strongly believe that we can reconcile economic development with sustainability through ongoing advanced research: this is our goal.


Our mission is turn potential problems into opportunities, to turn waste into a resource.


  1. Recycling is the keystone of our system: at Roboplast scrap is immediately put back into the production cycle and fed into the extrusion lines.

  2. Research means continuously testing new environmentally friendly materials, as well as developing shapes, prototypes and projects aimed at reducing thicknesses. This is how Roboplast works towards optimizing its use of energy, along with its commitment to the environment and to lower costs.

  3. Producing the energy we need: at the Roboplast headquarters in Vignolo we have installed a photovoltaic power plant capable of producing 1.000 KW.


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