The Roboplast Group’s entrepreneurial commitment is rooted in a solid universe of human and social values lived daily with passion, consistency and responsibility. In our work, built on the ability to create and shape materials, we believe first and foremost in the importance of human material.

AVSI Foundation

Internationally, Roboplast supports and collaborates with the Avsi Foundation, a top ten Italian NGO engaged in development cooperation and humanitarian aid projects in 39 countries around the world. The collaboration takes the form of economic support for specific projects and through Distance Adoptions, thanks to which we can proudly say that we are present on all 5 continents.

I Bambini della fate

Roboplast cares about the people in its area. Locally, it supports and finances I Bambini delle Fate Foundation, a social enterprise that provides financial support to social inclusion projects and pathways run by local partners aimed at children and youth with autism and disabilities. The collaboration takes the form of specific projects annually.

Nuovo Cortile Cooperative

Roboplast also supports the Nuovo Cortile Cooperative present in the Brescia area serving the community through the creation of daycare centers, extracurricular and recreational services, recovery communities for addiction and psychiatric rehabilitation, and job start-up and cooperation initiatives with businesses and local authorities. Collaboration takes the form of funding for specific projects.

Banco Alimentare Foundation

Roboplast also supports the Banco Alimentare ONLUS Foundation, which promotes the recovery of surplus food and its redistribution throughout the territory and organizes the National Food Collection Day every year. The collaboration takes the form of active participation in the Food Collection with operational and logistical support.

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