The Value of Experience

The experience with thermoforming machines gained throughout over 40 years of history has led us to be what we are today: an industrial excellence in the production of high quality sustainable packaging. Since the company was founded, our products are the result of a customized study, specifically tailored: original molds that give life to unique packages. Products which, over time, have conquered the most varied industry sectors, from packaged food to fresh food, from cosmetics to the pharmaceutical market, right up to precision machines.
Our strength is the optimization of time and costs, made possible by the internal realization of all stages of production and packaging.
Today, alongside the traditional tailor-made production, we provide a specific offer in our catalog: articles studied and treated in detail, ready to use and promptly available.

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Our Added Value?

Our Products

A More Competitive Offer

We provide ready-to-use sustainable packaging products, designed and tested in our laboratories and validated on an industrial scale. Speed and production economy are added to the traditional quality of customized products.
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