The Heart of our Work

Since it was founded, the company’s innovation has consistently been the priority of all our work. Study, research and continuous experimentation are the foundations on which we have consolidated our business, always looking to the future.
This is why Stampotecnica , a company which is part of the Roboplast Group, has been building most of the equipment for the thermoforming department for more than 30 years, acting as a “safe” for the know-how that has been painstakingly achieved thanks to constant research in the field.
For the same reason, since 2012, we have created a special department exclusively dedicated to Research and Development. All our processes stem from here today. Continuously testing, monitoring each step and certifying the results are our business card and the key to our success.

Research and Development

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Our Added Value?

Our Workflow

01. Engineering

Roboplast provides in-house custom design and molds. We can perform direct and reverse engineering and quickly provide preliminary samples to our customers.

02. Solutions of materials

Roboplast guarantees qualified customer assistance in selecting the best raw materials for each special project.

03. Production

Building on 40 years of experience in thermoforming, Roboplast guarantees final products of the highest quality and functionality, with special attention to detail.

04. Monitoring and certification

Research at Roboplast is supported by intensive monitoring activities aimed at validating and documenting the materials and products offered to customers.

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