Research & Development

The R&D department is the center of all Roboplast product manufacturing processes. We provide tailor-made solutions that suit all our customers’ needs, both in the creation and customization of materials and in the design and development of shapes and molds.


The Extrusion department was created because of the need to control and customize all Roboplast products starting from raw materials to be used and with an eye on eco-design. We produce rolls of film for the food and medical-pharma sectors, with customized solutions and a specific focus on FFS (form-fill-seal) applications.


The Thermoforming department has over 40 years of experience in industrial manufacturing, focused on the study and design of custom-made products. Currently, custom production is complemented by specific products offered in our catalogue, with a growing number of items studied and treated in detail with the same precision & accuracy.

Case Studies

Along with the continuous research on new bioplastics and compostable plastics, in particular to increase their mechanical and oxygen barrier properties, we work to produce high quality innovative products.


We provide ready-to-use sustainable packaging products, designed and tested in our laboratories and validated on an industrial scale. Speed and production economy are added to the traditional quality of customized products.


Roboplast is a family-run company that has been growing, moving and looking forward for more than forty years, meeting after meeting. Come and meet us, discover the trade fairs we participate in and news from company life.



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