The study originated from the need to make traditional PETPE/EVOH/PE multilayer packs recyclable, without compromising their OTR (oxygen transmission rate) characteristics and therefore the shelf-life of products in protective atmosphere packaging (MAP applications) and vacuum packaging (skin applications). Extensive work in cooperation with the entire supply chain has led to the approval of a 100% PET, EVOH-free mono-material.
RoboGREEN PET HB (high-barrier) is a product with dual sustainability, both upstream and downstream. It is a 100% mono-material. It uses a very high percentage of recycled material from the PET recovery chain, purified using Roboplast decontamination reactors (up to 100%) to create a 100% recyclable product.
The innovative EASY SEAL version is also available, designed to aid and facilitate welding in conditions where the welding perimeter may be contaminated (with oil, whey, flour, cocoa, etc.), or to speed up the processing cycle where the welding equipment is not so powerful.

R-PET 100%
Recycled up to 100%
Recyclable 100%
  • 100% recyclable R-PET mono-material structure

  • EVOH free

  • Improved pack transparency and brightness

  • Very high oxygen barrier performance

  • Reduced thickness without losing the mechanical seal

01. Permeability

On all RoboGREEN PET HB films, the OTR (oxygen transmission rate) values are validated with point measurements.

02. Packaging

We attentively support our customers at every production setup stage to provide the final packaging.

03. Shelf-life

Together with our customers, we monitor and document over time the achievement of product shelf-life.

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